A very happy German shorthaired pointer named River was recently spotting showing of a rare and wonderful maneuver known as a stot.

A Tigger’s a wonderful thing

Stotting is the act of jumping straight up off the ground with all four feet and is thought to be done by prey animals like gazelles to show off how buff they are – and therefore hard to catch!

Snow stotter

Why dogs do it we don’t know for sure, but it looks an awful lot like pure unadulterated joy, like the indefatigable Tigger from Winne the Pooh.

Taking flight

In Scottish, the word stot means “to bounce” so Tigger really is an apt fit! Another word for stotting is pronking, which is an Afrikaans word which means “to show off.”

Puppy throwback

Whether in play, to show off, or to just be able to see about tall grass, we think jumping around like a kangaroo is adorable as heck.

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You can learn more about stotting on Wikipedia.

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