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One of my favorite dog friends, Charlie, is very adventurous. We go to the big dog park and she runs wild and free, galloping through the fields like a gazelle (she’s actually part-Whippet/Border Collie).

I live in the Pacific Northwest, where there’s ample opportunity for outdoor lovers to go camping with adventurous dogs like Charlie. Though sleeping outside may seem natural for dogs—they’re descendants of wolves, after all—today’s domesticated canines aren’t nearly as prepared to sleep in the elements as their ancestors. They don’t have the same dense coat nor do they have the warmth of a wolf pack to protect them.


Denise Herman, a professional dog trainer who runs her own company, Empire of the Dog, in New York and Baltimore, says that not all stereotypes about dog fur and warmth are accurate. “Dogs like Huskies get a reputation for being able to handle the cold, but that’s really only if they’ve gotten used to being in the cold weather.”

If you’re thinking about taking your dog camping, you may want to consider investing in a cozy sleeping bag to keep them warm at night. Just like you, after the campfire has burned out, dogs also like to be as snug as a bug in a rug.

What to look for when shopping for a dog sleeping bag

When shopping for a sleeping bag for your dog, Herman advises taking a cue from your pup on how warm or cold they like to be at night. “A dog who likes to be under the covers at night when they sleep with a person prefers to be on the warmer side and would like a warmer sleeping bag, but a dog that is always laying on the floor or on tile in the owner’s house probably likes to be on the colder side and may not want a super warm, hot sleeping bag.”

You’ll also want to look for the following features:

  • Warmth: Think about your dog’s preferences as well as where you would like to take them camping. If your dog runs hot or you plan to camp mostly at sea level during the summer months, then a lighter sleeping bag is probably in order. But if your dog is a burrower or if you want to camp with them at elevation, then you probably want a bag with more insulation.
  • Durability: Consider how often you want to camp with your dog. If you hope to go every weekend, you’ll want to invest in a bag that’s rated highly for durability.
  • Water-proof vs. water-resistant: If you live in the Pacific Northwest like me, you probably want the water-proof option. Otherwise, water-resistant is likely sufficient.
  • Size and weight: Take your dog’s measurements before making a purchase. We’ll note the dimensions for every bag in our reviews below. If you’re backpacking, you’ll want to pay close attention to the weight of the bag. If weight is an issue, you can also consider getting a doggie backpack so your pup can carry their own bag.

To help you find the most comfortable sleeping bag for your pup, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite doggie sleeping bags based on practical features and user reviews.

Most Popular Outdoor Bag for Small Dogs

Amazon’s top-rated bed is only $20 and resembles a human sleeping bag. With enough padding to give your dog some comfort, this sleeping bag is still lightweight and easy to pack. The material is water-resistant and lined with an anti-rip layer to keep it lasting long. It’s machine-washable, and customers report that it retains its shape and fluff after washing. This size is best for dogs up to 25 pounds. Bag dimensions: 30 x 39 inches. Weight: 1.6 lbs.

What we like about it:

  • Includes a stuff sack for portability.
  • Attached loop for easy hang drying outdoors.
  • Affordable—this price is tough to beat.
  • Fits most dogs.

Potential issues:

  • This bag isn’t very thick. If you’re camping at elevation, you probably want a warmer bag.

Helpful Review:  “We’ve tried all types of beds – cheap beds, ridiculously expensive beds and just about every type of dog bed out there. Some are just not comfy. Some are hard to clean. Some are difficult to move around. This one hits the mark on all our points!! Lightweight. Comfy even through repeated washings! And the dogs love it so much I bought a second. We have 3 dogs. I plan to buy a third soon.”

Buy Now on Amazon for $19.39

Best Indoor Sleeping Bag for Tiny Pups

If your dog likes to burrow, an indoor sleeping bag can be a nice addition to the regular open dog bed, especially during winter months. The Pet Sleep Zone Cuddle Cave Dog Bed comes in tan, gray, and brown, and looks like a little private cave of comfort. It features a micro-suede exterior, a faux-fur interior, and has poly-fill stuffing that is 100% recyclable. The machine-washable bed is made with Ethical Pets’ “safe, ethical manufacturing standards.” Dimensions: 22 x 17 x 10 inches. Weight: 2.15 lbs.

What we like about it:

  • Great for car camping with small dogs who like to snuggle.
  • 87 percent of users recommend it, especially for Chihuahuas.
  • At $19.99, the price is right for this comfy bed.

Potential issues:

  • This bed doesn’t come with a stuff sack, so it’s less packable than other options.
  • Not water-resistant.

Helpful Review: “My Chihuahua pack favorite! My Chihuahuas love to burrow. As soon as I received it, it has been a favorite! They love to snuggle in it and it’s large enough to play in.”

Buy Now on Chewy for $19.99

Best For Dogs Who Are Really Serious About This Camping Thing

The Highlands Sleeping Bag for Dogs has a one-inch loft and is designed to be used as a standalone or in conjunction with a Highlands Pad if you want your dog to be extra comfortable. This oval-shaped bag has a water-resistant polyester shell that’s water-resistant and quick drying. It comes with a duffel bag for packing and accommodates dogs up to 75 pounds. Dimensions: 31.5 x 26 x 2 inches. Weight: 1.7 lbs.

What we like about it:

  • Many reviewers report that dogs love sleeping in this bag.
  • The bottom of the bag has a sleeve for a sleeping pad.

Potential issues:

  • Some reviewers complain that it’s not as easy to carry as it should be for a camping bag.

Helpful Review: “My dog loves it! The sleeping bag alone is insulated enough to keep her warm all night (sleep in 40-30 degree nights). I have a GSP and the large bag is just right for her. The only thing is we can’t zip her in it because she moves so much and Velcro might be a better alternative to a zipper but that’s just a personal need. The bag is great, keeps our dog off of our bags at night which is what our main goal was.”

Ruffwear Highlands Sleeping Bag[/easyazon_link]” text=”Buy Now on Amazon for $72.50” class=”button-width=”50%”” new-tab=1]

Most Sci-Fi Outdoorsy Bag

As you can probably guess from its name, “DogHelios Trail-Barker Multi-Surface Travel Bed Featuring BlackShark Technology,” this bed is not messing around. The makers promise that it is “impermeable, waterproof, windproof,” and can keep the dog cool and retain heat. It’s magic in a doggy sleeping bag, basically. It comes with two side-zippers, and a nylon carrying strap. It only has one size (26 x 20 x 8 inches and weighing 8 ounces) and can accommodate medium-sized campers.

What we like about it:

  • Opens up completely to double in size.
  • Zippers are connectable, so you can buy multiple if you have an extra-large dog.
  • This bag ranks high for durability.
  • Comes with a stuff sack.

Potential issues:

  • It’s more expensive than other options, but the cost seems to correlate with higher durability and warmth.
  • Not machine-washable.

Helpful Review: “My dog is an adult Border Terrier who weighs 18.5 pounds. He loves this sleeping bag and took to it immediately. What a great find this was for my backpacking trips with my dog. I really like the extra half-moon extension on the upper edge. This allows my dog’s head to rest there while the rest of him is in the sleeping bag. Excellent design!”

Buy Now on Amazon for $69.27

Best Large Dog Sleeping Bag

Using some space-age technology, the large Hurtta Outback Dreamer can fit large dogs easily. With a diameter of 35 inches, the Hurtta’s got a cool, round design, with a two-tone color scheme (it’s by “Design From Finland,” which seems apropos), and water-resistant shell. But, as with everything in life, what’s inside is what counts. The interior is layered with heat-reflecting foil which will help keep your dog cozy on the coldest nights. Dimensions: see size chart. Weight: 1.72 lbs.

What we like about it:

  • Designed to accommodate a dog’s natural sleeping position.
  • Comes with a stuff sack for easy packing.
  • Machine-washable.

Potential issues:

  • Check the dimension chart. Some reviewers claim the bag runs smaller than expected.

Helpful Review: “Packs down small, and my Husky/German Shepard lays on it when we go backpacking! I chose this over the Chuck It dog pad I already have for two reasons:
1. It’s shaped better for backpacking, weighs less, and takes up less space.
2. The reflective material actually works, and it doubles as a sleeping bag if she gets cold.”

Buy Now on Amazon from $70

Best Sustainable Dog Sleeping Bag

Whyld River Sleeping Bag

Whyld River DoggyBag

Whyld River is a Pacific Northwest company that launched when River, the Chief Squirrel Chaser, didn’t have a warm enough sleeping bag on a cold night on Mt. Hood. His owner Rachel launched the “DoggyBag, an innovative sleep system for dogs,” in 2018 with a Kickstarter campaign.

Metal zippers can be cold and uncomfortable against your dog’s skin, so this bag uses plastic snaps instead. The bag has a circular design with an inner pad that is smaller than the outer quilt, making this bag perfect for burrowing. The insulation is Blown Synthetic Fill, which will keep your dog comfortable at temperatures of 30 degrees (F) or higher. The bag comes in small, medium, and large, all of which weigh less than 43 ounces. It’s machine-washable and comes with a stuff sack. Dimensions: see size chart.

What we like about it:

  • Made from sustainable materials.
  • Whyld River donates a DoggyBag for every ten sold (or monetary equivalent) to Portland Animal Rescue!
  • Rachel has a handy chart for measuring the right size for your dog (taking into account cold weather v. warm weather camping).

Potential issues:

  • The biggest gripes from reviewers are the price ($89-$109, depending on the size), and the bulk (for summer camping, some said it was a bit too bulky). 

Helpful Review: “Great piece of gear for my best friend! I purchased a medium sized sleeping bag for my favorite trail buddy, a 55lb Border Collie. He’s a hardened trail dog but gives very sad eyes when cold at night. …We just got back from a five-day backpacking trip in early spring where we encountered snow on the ground, followed by rain and mud, and windy/frosty mornings. This bag was a game-changer for his comfort during the trip. I snapped him in at bedtime which was quick and easy and when I put my hand inside the bag to check on his temperature several times throughout the night he remained toasty warm at temperatures that dipped to the mid 20’s Fahrenheit.”

Buy now on the company website or on Amazon.

An Indoor Sleeping Bag for Your Prince and Princess

Luxury Sleeping Bag for Dogs

Dogs really should live in the “lap of luxury,” or at least, the sleeping bag of luxury. This handmade to order Etsy item by CreationMiaRose is reversible. One side is plush, with extremely faux fur lining; the other side is made of European linen. At 22 x 17 inches, it’s better-suited to tiny dogs.

What we like about it:

  • It’s adorable, plain and simple.

Potential issues:

  • Not made for durability or warmth.

Helpful Review: “This puppy pouch is amazing. The materials are soft and beautiful and the workmanship is great, she even appliqué a little heart with my puppies name. Just adorable. Thank you very much, I love it.”

Buy Now on Etsy for $39.09

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