Skye the husky and Ayla, her mom, just love a rousing game of hide and go seek before bed. And when Ayla shared this cute little video on Twiter, people were inspired to share their videos and stories too. Sound up for maximum fun:

Hide and go husky

The “Raaaah!” at the end, gets me every time.


The video has reached over 364,000 likes and 95,000 shares on Twitter and inspired Ayla to make Skye her very own Instagram account, so give her a follow for more fun.

Lots of people shared their hide and seek videos, and these are some of our favorites. Don’t these just put a smile on your face?

The detective is on the case

The joyful bark that clearly says, “Gotcha!”


Sneaky peeker

The nose knows!

And this dog who hides from her family to surprise them

Clever girl!

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